The JSRENTHOUSE LTD company confidently positioning more than four years its presence in the commercial operations at the world real estate market.

Performing the intermediary operations on purchasing and sale of real estate objects, our company creates a stable stream of income as real estate objects which it uses in JSRENTHOUSE LTD business show steady dynamics of the price growing.

How it works?

We have distributed the main business functions between the major departments and divisions of JSRENTHOUSE LTD, each of which performs strictly delineated duties.

Everything begins with selection of real estate objects. The Real Estate Selection department performs the operations directed to selection of the most perspective real estate from the commercial point of view, analyzing all major factors by which has to be characterized the real estate object. In particular, performs the analysis of payback of an object, his ability to obtaining additional cost and demand in the international real estate market.

Then the Financial Department makes decision on purchasing of this object, providing the need amount of money.

Then the Legal Department makes actions, directed to stabilization of all questions assiciated with purchasing of a real estate object, having fixed this deal. Thus, JSRENTHOUSE LTD acquires the property right for this object.

After that the Marketing Department performs search of the most favorable buyer and the real estate object is on sale, with receiving by the company of additional cost which is profit of JSRENTHOUSE LTD.

In case the Marketing Department of the company comes to a decision that the providing to the rent of this object will be more favorable, than sale, in this case the company signs the lease contract with the third parties and gets profit already directly from the rent of such object.

Thus we performs not only commercial activity, but also we performs the diversification of invested funds, when real estate objects becomes the actual guarantors of any deals.

In our business it’s very important that all company’s divisions and departments have can to work well-coordinately and quickly. For this reason the Department of Deals Management performs the general management and coordination of work of the all company’s divisions including and in concerning cooperation with individual investors from around the world, for whom the JSRENTHOUSE LTD company on the www.jsrenthouse.com basis gives an opportunity of participation in purchasing of certain real estate objects and obtaining passive income during of all period validity of our investment offers.

Our purposes and values

JSRENTHOUSE LTD uses all reasonable efforts in order that the company’s business was the most transparent and available to all investors. And in this regard our investment offers are simple and at the same time are effective tools which will allow any person to take a part in investing process, even without having for this purpose the special knowledge and skills.

Availability and democratic character of the cooperation conditions for investor from any country of the world – our main mission which we intend to realizштп фе the most long term of mutually beneficial cooperation.