Registration, Investing

How many accounts are available to create in the program?

You can create only one active account for investment performing. If you create more than one account which you will use for investing, we will block all your accounts.

How many deposits can I create at the same time?

You can create any number of investments.

What minimum can I invest in the program?

You can begin cooperation, having invested $20 in the program.

What maximum can I invest in the program?

Using one investment, you can invest $50,000.

What payment systems are used in the program?

You can use at the investing Bitcoin, Payeer, Perfect Money, Advanced Cash.

How often will I to get the charges on investments?

Daily, on calendar days.

May I remove the account?

No. This option is not available.

May I stop investment process ahead of schedule?

No. All deposits have to finish its working in full.

Funds withdrawal

How often will I to get the payments on investments?

Daily, on calendar days.

What minimum and maximum amount available to payment?

The minimum withdrawal amount is 5 $. For Bitcoin the minimum withdrawal amount is 250$. A large amount of Bitcoin withdrawal is associated with a high commission for transfers. To replenish the amount are not limited.

How fast my request for funds payment will be processed?


What fees are provided in the program?

We don’t establish the fees commissions or other additional payments.

How are operated the financial transactions?

You can withdraw funds only for that payment system, using which you have made a deposit.

Referral program

In what section are placed the advertising materials?

To use the advertising materials, pass, please, into the BANNERS section of the personal account.

How many will I be able to get the referral commission?

For the deposit which has been made by personally invited referral, you will get 6% from amount of this deposit.

Whether I will be able to earn referral reward if I have not the own deposit in the program?

Yes, you will be able.

If my referral of the first level has made the deposit from the account balance whether I will be able to earn the referral reward?

No, you won’t be able.

Whether is it possible to change an up line?


Support, Additional questions

In what section can I contact support?

To receive the help from our experts, pass, please, into the SUPPORT section.

How is support works?

We provide the help and consultations in the 24/7 mode.

How to recover the password?

Use the password recovery form, please.

If I want to change or to fix the payment requisites or e-mail, how am I able to make it?

Use the options provided for these actions in your personal account.